I am my Own Caregiver

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I design, implement and facilitate workshops and one-on-one sessions that promotes the well being of individuals and communities. In 2015, I created a project called "I'm My Own Caregiver". Project's objectives: to share and teach intervention and prevention practices that help reduce the effect of the overwhelming emotions individuals and their families experience during traumatic illness and recovery; to increase knowledge in self-awareness and mindfulness practices that can achieve peace and healing of self; to learn and enhance problem solving skills using creative tools (self-awareness assessment exercises, writing dialogues/poetry, drawing, and painting). A graduate of Waterloo University's bachelor of science (Hons) program, have worked as Community Health worker/Educator delivering health service activities at Women’s Health in Women’s Hands CHC, African Community Health Services and Warden Woods Community Center. Further acted as proposal reviewer and research consultant at government funding agencies.

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