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To create an "all-in" society, where everyone is engaged and able to bring their full self into civil society; one that focuses and supports expressing each individual's true purpose with the goal of creating a society with more love, joy, and beauty. Toronto and its diverse population serves as the perfect ground zero for the mobilization of the largest peace time effort to heal ourselves, our communities, and our planet; recasting the city as a living laboratory to raise consciousness, experiment with bold ideas from around the world, and create new ways of being that increase personal and communal resiliency and support restorative ecology. In support of this mission: - to create spaces that provide the psychological safety and ability to equally participate in an ongoing dialogue about civic society and our shared humanity whether in person, online, or by phone (with or without assistance), in a variety of languages. - to create a market / ongoing census for people to express their needs and wants in support of the discovery or activation of their purpose (including basic human needs), collaborate on shared needs and dreams, and connect with other people and organizations that are able to fulfill them or help fund or support their creation - to encourage civic activism in a constructive manner to direct the financial, human, and other resources of corporations, organizations, and governments to better align with the needs and desires of all stakeholders including creating virtual markets for products, services and supporting investment vehicles that don't exist - to promote collaboration instead of competition to experiment and share ideas, best practices, and technologies from around the world - and prioritize cross industry efforts based on the biggest local, regional, and global needs (ex. energy, transportation, housing) - to reduce waste and complexity across industries, in service of simplifying human living and freeing up resources to build new industries to fulfill unmet needs (potentially healing, building resiliency, restorative ecology, exploring human potential) and providing more creative and fulfilling avenues for people to apply their skills - to promote basic human needs as rights including housing, financial security, and health and creating sustainable systems to enshrine them in civic society

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