IndEco Strategic Consulting Inc.

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IndEco Strategic Consulting Inc (IndEco) is a team of dedicated professionals who help your organization facilitate, manage and adapt to the major changes society will be going through in the next couple of decades. Our primary focus areas are energy and the environment, and we provide advice and tools to assist you to address these changes by: - identifying and understanding the needed and inevitable changes - developing strategic plans or public policies to address these changes - designing and managing implementation initiatives to realize these plans. Through our work, we strive towards three goals: - ensuring the success of your organization, and that of your team - improving society - developing IndEco and the individuals within IndEco. Each person on the IndEco staff is committed to these goals, and believes that they are fully compatible. Achieving them requires that clients and staff work in partnership to improve understanding, prepare for acting, and ensure actions are effective. We use a systems approach to promote understanding, strategic planning to move from understanding to action, and project management, monitoring and evaluation to ensure actions are effective.

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