Jacques Perreault

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I started to work for HI-Canada Hostels in 1981 as a front desk clerk in Montreal, became program manager in 1983,
and executive director in 1988. I haven't change from this position for all these year, but my environment evolved. From 9 staff at that time, we are now more than a hundred. From one hostel to take care of, it is now four hostels, 14 000 individual members and nine affiliated hostels that our organization is responsible of.

We have hostels in Toronto and Ottawa, plus two affilates, Niagara Falls and Algonquin Park in Ontario and two owned hostels in Quebec, Montreal and Mont-Tremblant, plus seven affiliated hostels. All together I represents, through my position, 13 HI-Canada hostels.

My own involvement outside of HI hostels are in local social economy enterprise, le CESIM (Conseil de l'économie social de l'île de Montreal) and ISTO-Americas (International Social Tourism Organisation) on which I was a board member for 20 years and president for 4 mandate.

I beleive in the strenght of the community, that is why I want to join CSI that have expertise to share. I also have expertise to share. Our organization is well grounded in social economy in Quebec but not yet well grounded in Ontario which we've been having the reposibility of sine 2007 only.

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