Jan Shepard

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With more than 30 years in the Wellness Fitness and Stress Management Industry, I have worked with over 40,000 people and have created a significant bank of Inner Capital wellness tools programs; team building games; products and coaches programs; a very large and exciting network of complimentary wellness coaches and healers.
My bio - http://innercapital.wordpress.com/about/

This year I spent 6 weeks at Rotman's forging a Community Wellness Project, called Wellness Complements, to complements the revitalization of the land and buildings.

"We have a great opportunity to get the Regent Park Community together and living in harmony by offering peer coaching wellness programs, teaming people together to support each other in managing the one key issue we all have in common - and that is to de-stress!" While practicing these new skills, our program will include a discovery of the coaches will brainstorm and implement ways to use these tools to make an income.

My brother-in-law developed pancreatic cancer and died, then my web-master died and took 50 pages of my website to his grave and then my sister died 8 months later. My energy is slowly returning and my enthusiasm is building.

I am dusting myself off and regrouping my project that I wish to bring to the CSI community to find support in helping me decide if a co-op, not-for-profit or for profit structure would be the best.

Wellness Complements will have a membership driven Web-Site which is being designed now.

My own web site has disappeared (my web mastered died) and I have been experimenting with WordPress and have been finding bits and pieces of my old site which was like a 40 page brochure.

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