I am a Healer, Teacher, Speaker and Facilitator who lives by the heart and strived to learn and grow in each present moment. I offer private or group healing sessions including Yoga, Creative/ Primal Movement, Crystal Bowl Sound Healing, Thai Massage, Crystal Reiki Healing, Acuball Therapy, Body Braid Therapy and Ice Skating/ Hockey Skills development. I have also been working with youth for over 4 years, which has led me to be working in the Toronto District School board as a Teacher, Speaker, Facilitator for the Youth Wellness Network bringing a sustainable movement of Mental Health and Wellness across North America. I also offer mindfulness training, yoga and meditation for the corporate world, working to improve company moral, mental health and Wellness as well as increasing healthy productivity.

I offer Sound Healing Events in Toronto combining other healing modalities and honoring the rhythms of the Universe with Full & New moon events. The Two events that are being offered monthly are “Full moon bliss:: 432hz Vibrational Medicine with Reiki Healing” & “432hz Sound Healing Massage Events”, which combines 1 on 1 massage with sound healing. I am also open to co-creating and bringing sacred sound to any yoga class, festival or event.

One of my Biggest passion projects is creating space for Heart Centered Connections and Free Expression. I express this passion through offering an Ecstatic Dance “The Big Love :: An Ecstatic Dance of Cosmic Dimensions” which I co-create with my good friend/ mentor Darren Austin Hall. Another, is a Project Called the “Movement Movement” that create multi faceted playshops offered at studios and festivals across the world.

My greater vision is to inspire and support others to live a more holistic and balanced lifestyle to bring more harmony to the planet. I strives to support others along their journey and provide them with all the tools I have to offer. I believe, through movement, meditation, diet, gratitude and self acceptance, we all have the capacity to take control of our lives and manifest the life we wish to live.

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