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GREEN BINS GROWING u2026 Toronto's cleanest, greenest, office organics collection service!

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Providing the G.T.A.'s one and only food scraps collection service specifically tailored towards small/medium-sized office environments: "Reduce your footprint and make the fruitful choice with Green Bins Growing organics collection service!"


-Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability: show the world that you DO THE RIGHT THING with your food scraps!

-Save money on garbage collection costs: remove wet, smelly organics to REDUCE YOUR GARBAGE COSTS & pickup frequency

-Hassle free regular maintenance ensures CLEAN, PEST-FREE BINS: weekly pickups include bag change and bin cleaning

-PERSONALIZED SET-UP, TRAINING AND SIGNAGE for your organization: tailored towards engaging employees in small-to-medium sized offices

-Transform food waste into natural fertilizer (worm poop!): use it for on-site landscaping or let us facilitate a DONATION TO URBAN AGRICULTURE PROJECTS or a community garden of your choice!


10 employees or fewer = $30/week
(includes one kitchen organics collection pail)

11+ employees = $50/week
(plus one time rental fee for multiple kitchen organics collection pails)

*Includes initial waste diversion analysis and suitability survey. Clients receive recommendations on system setup and bin placement, plus free signage, employee training, and quarterly diversion reporting.


Green Bins Growing collects organic materials as feed for our earth worms. As our worms grow and breed, they transform this "waste" material into a high quality natural fertilizer that we pass onto our clients or donate to urban agriculture projects. Green Bins Growing provides a closed-loop, truly sustainable organics management solution!

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