Julien Robertson

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I have a B.Sc. in environmental science with a minor in biology. The focus of my studies was on conservation and ecosystem restoration. I've worked on ecosystem restoration projects for the mining and oil & gas industry, as well as various cities, towns, and parks associations, with varying degrees of responsibility in planning and execution.

I've worked in the forestry industry in several different provinces in Canada, as a silviculture technician and tree planting crew supervisor for many years. This job was very rewarding for me, as it allowed me to work outside in remote wilderness locations and travel to places seldom seen by anyone outside of industry and the small communities we worked around. During my time in the forest, I was a witness to the way that forests are managed. This led me to work in the nonprofit sector advocating for sustainable forest management and forestry policy reform.

In 2019, while stationed in a remote camp on the Tsilhqot'in Plateau, I suffered a spinal cord injury due to a rare condition called a spontaneous spinal hemorrhage. One doctor described it as if I had been struck by lightning. The cause of which is still unknown.

After being evacuated from the camp I spent many months in different hospitals and rehabilitation centers. I am now tasked with reimagining my future, as I am no longer physically able to do field work. Despite this, I am still optimistic, and confident in my ability as an effective communicator; to inspire others and enact positive change in society.

I am a dreamer, ever fascinated by the complex relationships that exist between plants, wildlife, the environment, and of course us, humans.

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