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Liz Rice

Enviro-Health Speaker & Consultant

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I have many passions, but they all center around health & the environment.

MY BUSINESS - I combined my love of environment issues, my educational background in health + everything that I learned navigating my own health issues. I am a specialist regarding toxicity (that we inhale/breathe, ingest/eat and absorb/skin), i.e., the interaction of toxins in our environment and its impact on human health. My business "Scent Smart" provides solutions for scent sensitivities in the workplace. i focus on the workplace because I have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) which I developed it the workplace. Given my own personal experience navigating this health condition, I'm able to help employers help employees to be successful in the workplace.

From a workplace/Human Resources perspective, it is a very difficult issue because it's a poorly understood condition and the offender is invisible (odours). When the condition/disability requires workplace accommodations, rarely is there a quick fix solution. It's a thorny issue which causes many conflicts, especially with co-workers. And that's where I come in -- with my presentations, consulting and training services: www.scent-smart.ca

My volunteer endeavors are exclusively in the realm of climate change. In 2013, I was one of hundreds of people trained by Al Gore and his team at the Climate Reality Project to deliver the presentation that he made famous in the 2006 documentary - An Inconvenient Truth.

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