Lourdes David

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Hi! I'm excited to be a part of this space (again!) and excited to engage with other community members. I am a participant in the Agents of Change: Sustainable Development Goals program. I am looking forward to learning more about social entrepreneurship and how to make my ideas actionable. I am also an Apathy is Boring RISE alumnus which runs out of the Annex space, where I was first introduced to CSI so I am glad to have found myself back in this space that I truly enjoy and hope to meaningfully contribute to. I'm currently working as a co-facilitator for Amplify: Youth Voices, a project in partnership with Oxfam Quebec, Apathy is Boring, and several EU organizations, where participants are exploring how youth in Toronto are experiencing climate change. I am passionate about many issues and am constantly volunteering or working on addressing multiple of them. I've spent several years as a barista and working in the service industry so I'm very curious to see how the industry will shift long-term in the time of COVID. I know there are many talented, bright, and wonderful people within CSI so I'd love to find opportunities to connect and engage!

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