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Toronto's Radically Inclusive Jewish Community

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Matanot Lev (Gifts of the Heart) is Toronto’s radically inclusive and post-halachic Jewish community. Its primary goal is to widen the doorway to spiritual Jewish engagement for those who have felt left out. Matanot Lev provides deeply Jewish, welcoming, accessible, refreshingly modern and transformative experiences to Jews and seekers of all backgrounds. This community is fully inclusive to interfaith couples and families, LGBTQ+ folks, patrilineal Jews, Jews by choice, people of all abilities and anyone who has felt marginalized or alienated in mainstream Jewish spaces. The key factor that makes Matanot Lev stand out from any other offering in Toronto today is that everyone is Jewish enough, expressions of belief and disbelief in God/dess are welcome and each experience we share, while linked to our ancestors, is tailored to us, today through choices about language and modes of engagement.

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