My name is Maya Pajevic and I am a young adult determined to change the power tension in healthcare. Where patients, family, caregivers are seen as equal partners in their care, and where their voice and their lived experience change a shift in hierarchical culture.

Why am I passionate about this? Because I have lived experience in this particular system. I have been living with type 1 diabetes, thriving post-stroke as well as heart issues. And far often than not, I have been treated simply as a label- not a person. I am a patient advocate- networking with frontline staff and policymakers on the importance of creating a culture where patients, healthcare providers and higher-ups have an equal say.

This passion led me to my undergrad program- Information Design with a double minor in Social Innovation and Marketing. Which is about empathy, designing services and programs around the end-user- and not just those providing the care.

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