Canada's National Observer publishes journalism in the public interest. National Observer is a daily, progressive national news publication that publishes tough investigative reporting, in-depth analysis and daily news coverage. Its investigative and solutions-based reporting delves into climate change, energy, politics, the natural world, and related societal issues. We vigorously pursue stories that seek to identify and investigate problems in society. We also aggressively pursue stories about success, innovation and solutions to ensure that decision makers and members of the public are empowered to make informed choices. We have a special focus on highlighting how governments and industry make decisions as well as the factors that influence their policies. We also strive to pursue coverage about human rights, democracy and justice, by shining a light on stories that are not always told. National Observer strives to be a leader in reporting on the new economy to deliver stories that can be used to protect public health, rights, the environment and hold governments to account on addressing and mitigating the threat of climate change. Founded in March 2015, National Observer strives to meet a high standard of ethics and to build trust and a loyal, engaged audience through transparency, accountability and evidence-based reporting.

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