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I teach photography - my philosophy is better photography for all . . .

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My name is Nicole Olds.

I love Toronto, travel and . . . photography.

I can’t draw for beans but I can take great photos and play with them in photoshop.

I know nothing about engineering but I have spent time mastering my camera so all the buttons and dials make sense. I use my technical skills to achieve photos that have an impact.

I love that photography provides endless opportunities to learn more about my craft. The best photographers constantly expand their knowledge and they are generous about passing it on via blogs and Facebook.

That fits really well with my philosophy of ‘better photography for all’. The sheer expense of ‘trial and error’ with film photography definitely prevented any but the more dedicated photographers from learning this wonderful craft. And I am certainly not taking away anything from those ‘old school’ photographers. But now, the digital age has provided all of us with a chance of developing our photography skills.

This doesn’t mean that we’re all going to become celebrated photographers – that’s not what this is about. It just means that since most of us take thousands of photos over our lifetime, why not take the opportunity to improve the quality of those photographs? To leave behind the blur, the yellow colour caste, the red-eye, the unrecognizable darkened portrait in front of a bright sky, the proverbial tree growing out of the head. All these can be avoided with just a little knowledge of your camera and composition. It’s not that hard! (Although it does require practice.)

Fancy cameras (SLR’s with interchangeable lenses) do have an advantage – and I certainly enjoy teaching the ins and outs of ‘the big guns’. Nevertheless there’s so much you can do before you click the shutter that will make for better photos. And when it comes to the smaller, more convenient cameras, they are capable of fabulous shots both on and off the ‘auto’ setting.

And finally, with the advent of the camera phone, there’s a whole new world to explore with the ease of use, the apps and filters, and even iPhone lenses and accessories. It’s all so exciting, there’s so much to teach and discuss!

I hope this explains the type of teacher I am, and what you can hope to gain from taking a few lessons with me. If you want to capture your beautiful friends and family, or chronicle and awesome trip, or you love posting on social media – then I want to take you from being ‘the one who always takes the photos’ – to confident photographer – it’s as simple as that.

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