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OSL(On the Spot Language) is the new ESL!

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On the Spot Language has developed a reputation as a leading language learning program in Toronto since 2009. This unique activity-based program uses modern day English language techniques(use of technology) to prepare and expose international language learners to authentic learning experiences (i.e. shopping malls, museums, etc…) through which they will gain the necessary knowledge and skill-set to be able to effectively communicate and be understood in any language environment– guided by teachers who provide immediate and real-time feedback to students. Students walk away with a stronger sense of self-worth, confidence, and the ability to converse in everyday situations. Research shows that many ESL students are frustrated with large classroom sizes, and with not learning useful and practical English that they can use with native English speakers in their day-to-day lives. OSL understands that these ESL students find it difficult to communicate outside the classroom and have the solution to bridge that gap. Understanding the need for task-based-teaching in the industry, OSL will take the students on daily activities with a low student-teacher ratio, where the students will be put ‘on the spot’, and effectively using English in a practical manner. GET OUT AND USE YOUR ENGLISH!!

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