For what feels like my entire life, I’ve been in pursuit of living passionately. I believe that passion is a form of energy that reminds me of my aliveness, a fuel that keeps me going when times get tough, and a compass that cuts through distractions to what matters most to me in life: to serve others. I am passionate about passion. Everyone has a right to explore and express our passions but we face different structural, interpersonal and internalized barriers based on our identities and circumstances. Yet passion is an energy that is powerfully contagious and can heal, motivate and fuel us while sparking social movements when harnessed for collective good. I’m currently in the process of curating frameworks, hacks, and tools from my lived and professional experiences and from people in my diverse networks. Using these methods that are rooted in both ancient and contemporary research, belief systems, and stories, my intention is to support lighting people’s passions - whether that’s discovering, reconnecting or growing passions. In particular, I use an ancient Japanese framework called ikigai, reason for being, to identify where our passion meets purpose to achieve what the world needs and be paid for it.

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