Paul Pellegrino

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As an active member of my community, I enjoy getting involved with other strong, innovative and focused entrepreneurs. I thrive on constantly expanding my network, and offer my expertise, partner with and in turn, improve the viability of other members of my community, both local and global. I understand the importance of having a strong network of peers and to learn about their individual strengths. I currently have a thriving career as a Mortgage Agent with Centum Metrocapp Wealth Solutions Inc. and on top of that, operate my e-retail shop FixThatLid. Details of both organizations are listed below.

CENTUM METROCAPP WEALTH SOLUTIONS INC. is a family business with two decades of offering superior advise, with expertise in both commercial and residential mortgage solutions. Our customers are our friends, family members and neighbours, so integrity and trust is everything. At CENTUM METROCAPP WEALTH SOLUTIONS INC., we are always looking out for your best interest. has been a passion project of mine for years. My eCommerce site launched in January 2017 and offers premium grooming products for men delivered right to your door. Everything from beard oils to shaving products, skin, face and hair care solutions can all be found on one site.

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