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Peacebuilders is a Toronto-based nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to youth in conflict with the law and in schools and works towards effecting change in our justice and education systems. Peacebuilders has two main youth-centered programs that are supported by a dedicated team of trained volunteers and community members. The justice program runs court-diversion for youth and provides court support and mentorship services to youth in conflict with the law. This program diverts young people from the justice system before trial, and helps young people address the underlying issues that led to their involvement in the justice system. Peacebuilders school programs provide training and education to educators, administrators, school staff and students in restorative practices and methodologies to encourage schools to avoid the use of disciplinary processes, such as suspensions and expulsions, to deal with student conflict. In addition, Peacebuilders conducts research and provides recommendations to assist advocates and policymakers in the important work of criminal justice and education reform. Our staff conduct presentations and workshops on youth justice and the issues that young people in conflict face, as well as on restorative practices and approaches, for students, teachers and community groups every year.

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