Peggy Sue Collection Inc.
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Peggy Sue Collection Inc. only uses North American fiber, milling and manufacturing. All of our garments and their trim are traceable, down to the hand-made wooden buttons. All of our protein fibre fabrics and yarns are purchased first as raw fleeces from local farms and then milled into collection specific constructions exclusively for our garments. All of our plant fiber fabrics are purchased from the Texas Organic Cotton Co-op and Sally Fox's Colorganic Fibre. Our plant fiber yarns are hand-woven locally into beautiful artisanal textiles. We strive to bring you the very best North America has to offer by forming personal relationships with farmers, mills, weavers, knitters, shearers, guilds, and tanneries. Our clothing is designed to accentuate the high-points of the North American Fiber Industry and built to sustain lifetimes of wear. We believe in knowledge of the process, quality construction, craft, and a beauty that runs deeper than a silhouette. Our garments have integrity, just like our wearers.

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