ProtectedSeas is the ocean conservation branch of Anthropocene Institute, a California-based organization that has a mission of fostering science, technology, policy development, and an educated global citizenry to address our planet’s needs. ProtectedSeas develops and maintains a growing and open dataset of boundaries and regulations that apply to marine managed areas in U.S. and international maritime waters. These data help inform boaters, marine planners, scientists, enforcement officers, fisherman, and other ocean users about place-based rules and regulations established to protect marine resources. We partner with governments, NGOs, and others to source and deliver accurate data as well as to publish related research. ProtectedSeas has an interest in improved enforcement of marine protected areas to help abate illegal fishing and to this end has developed a radar-based monitoring system to track vessel movement in the near shore environment. ProtectedSeas also works with the aquaculture industry to accelerate the development of fishmeal- and fish oil-free alternatives for aquafeed to help conserve the world's forage fish, while promoting sustainable aquaculture practices as a means to feed the growing global population.

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