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Strategic Coach to Change Makers sustainably transforming themselves, their brands & their worlds... for the better.

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My company (Q Strategy & Coaching) works with leaders and teams who are making significant and inspiring changes in their organizations, markets or communities. Q builds the ability of these Change Makers to envision a better future, get the buy-in and resources they need, create a movement, and, ultimately, change the rules of the game. Our promise? Change Makers accomplishing faster, smarter and bigger results. Plus the new knowledge, thinking and capabilities needed to accomplish even more of those results. How do we do it? By asking insightful questions (hence “Q”) that encourage, challenge and open new avenues. By holding our clients accountable for their own agenda, actions and answers. By managing the process and bringing the frameworks and resources that focus you in the right places. And by being an objective and trusted partner who cares deeply about you and your success. And who am I? A Strategic Coach. A business and consulting veteran now changing the world for the better by empowering others to do the same! M/

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