I have worked in the Real Estate Sector for several decades. We currently have a severe housing / affordability crisis in Toronto, due to a lack of adequate housing in central and downtown Toronto. In the most mature downtown neighbourhoods the existing inventory is old, environmentally in-efficient, and is expensive and out of line with the average person's income. Right now, there is a great need to create more affordable housing in downtown neighbourhoods by adding green laneway housing. There is a huge pent up demand for this type of product and the city is finally opening its eyes to this as a much needed solution to housing affordability in Toronto. Overtime, due to the costs and advent of driverless cars, most home owners garages will be rendered useless and the land and structures could be much better utilized, for affordable green housing in the city. Small highly functional and environmental friendly residential living in great locations is what people want. We are in the early stages of partnering with home owners to make living in established downtown neighbourhoods more accessible and affordable by creating smart, efficient and affordable housing where currently there is none

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