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ANATOMY OF RESTLESSNESS FILMS is an independent film ideation, development, and production company, focusing on unique, diverse stories and POVs, both fiction and non-fiction, challenging societal constructs and stereotypes. We bridge the gap between entertainment and socio-political engagement by straddling the often-nuanced boundaries, questions, and intersections of our contemporary humanity and society. In other words, we specialize in social and political documentary film. But we are increasingly venturing into narrative features, limited series for TV/digital (including an exciting political thriller, and two SciFi shows), and occasionally do a high-spec film for socially engaged musicians, or a PSA for an outstanding NGO. ********************************************************************************** RESTLESS FILM HUB, INCUBATOR & ACCELERATOR is a Toronto-based, but nationally & globally-connected collective of fledgling and experienced filmmakers, coming together to build community, take space, create content, and increase the visibility of under-represented demographics in the film industry. Launched as a startup in 2019, the Hub incubates film projects by a dozen diverse filmmakers – women, BIPOC, LGBTQ2+ and disabled filmmakers, and immigrant voices. It also houses a research Lab for experimental, alternative and intersectional modes of storytelling, lead by young filmmakers.

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