I am the co-founding partner of Viridius Lex. Having started my own practice, I am intimately aware of the difficulties faced by startups. Prior to forming Viridius Lex, I practiced with the Canadian Environmental Law Association where I focused on environmental justice and advocacy for low income Ontarians. I have worked for First Nations communities to protect drinking water, fought to ensure commercial entities adhere to regulatory requirements, and made submissions and recommendations to government bodies to protect and improve environmental and public health.

With my experience in environmental compliance, public advocacy, legislative development, and litigation, I assist my clients to cost-effectively exceed their environmental regulatory requirements, and implement sustainable practices.
Viridius Lex primiarily provides legal and strategic advice to social enterprises, green businesses, non-profits organizations, local governments, First Nations, and small businesses in environmental law matters. We particularly seek to assist organizations seeking to adopt sustainable practices or wishing to advocate for law and policy reform. We also assist legal counsel on environmental law matters where they lack familiarity.

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