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Nature Speaks and We Listen

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Sage Palette Design exists to provide a service that uses a spectrum of answers based on ancient teachings of the elements, healing and permaculture. A decade of my observations in Feng Shui and colour has shown results that mimic building codes to ensure natural elements are respected in a well functioning space. Mindful Design Placement using Permaculture, Feng Shui, and basic Vaastu Shastra principles work by honouring individual and community necessities. Space Clearing by request is done by cleansing and purifying the environment using practices passed along by indigenous elders and often times using other healing tools to respect the recipient, land and the space inhabited. Inquire within to see what potent tools are in use. Architectural Colour Theory is used while practicing the safety and scale of Colour. Sage Palette Design also uses a system of alternative energy by integrating upcycling materials in building interiors and finishes. Permaculture principles in urban and rural design is a priority, as is choosing a low carbon footprint when possible. ---

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