Sarah Harland-Logan, Barrister

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My practice centres on criminal, correctional, and mental health law. Through my work in these three areas, I seek to reduce the “Justice Gap” that presently plagues our justice system, degrading its credibility and denigrating its core values. My central client group consists of multiply marginalized persons who have been denied access to the life opportunities – indeed, to life’s most basic requirements – that others of us take for granted. In turn, they are disproportionately likely to face criminal justice and mental health system involvement, and often are unable to access desperately needed legal services. Moreover, many clients – complainants AND defendants – are sexual assault survivors. As the #MeToo movement has recently elucidated, these individuals have been systemically disenfranchised from seeking redress and support from our legal structures and broader communities. I aim to assist my survivor clients in overcoming these systemic barriers. My core commitments to my clients are threefold: (1) To offer affordable legal advice and representation – particularly by minimizing overhead costs, accepting Legal Aid retainers, and offering pro bono or “low bono” work to those clients most in need; (2) To centre my clients’ humanity and dignity, in my practice generally and before the Court or tribunal in question; and (3) To approach each and every client file with an eye to the legal strategy and to the human story.

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