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Sarah Selhi

Recycling Fanatic, Armchair Activist, Child Wrangler and (Green) Space Saver

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I'm a start-up enthusiast with a passion for digital media and innovative platforms. I excel at business development, operations, sales and marketing. I’m a self-motivated, tenacious person who loves working in collaborative groups with like-minded individuals and great at interfacing between the client and tech team. I seek to consult, conspire, create, cultivate and profit from my passions. On the home front, I'm a child wrangler of two, an armchair activist, a recycling fanatic and wife of one. I support various organizations around the world and feel especially passionate about gender rights of women in India, climate change, children's education, animal welfare and saving our green space.

SpaceiShare is a marketplace for self-storage and parking, connecting people who NEED space with those that HAVE it. Our mission is to build a vibrant and dynamic community where people can connect and share to give space new life and purpose. The concept of neighbours sharing space with neighbours will have a positive social impact (giving Canadians the opportunity to save money, make money and be part of a community to ensure that space isn't being wasted).

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