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Sexplore with Den Temin is an organization that is a catalyst for change dedicated to creating holistic, and healthier sex-positive spaces that support sexual self-empowerment. We facilitate sexual self-empowerment, provide training, advance professional development, deepen connections, and improve sexual health. Our vision is to connect people with themselves and others to contribute to building communities that believe in nurturing sex-positive environments. In these environments, sex, gender, and sexuality can be lived as expressions of our identities and desires. In our non-judgmental space we recognize that everyone carries within them lived experiences, identities, and knowledge that make each journey unique. Sexplore with Den Temin works within a sexual justice, anti-oppression framework, believing in a holistic understanding of comprehensive sex education. We offer sexual education workshops, leadership camps for girls, sexuality continuing education programs for professionals, and sexual counselling/coaching in a clinical sexology setting. Our services are centered on your needs, and we provide both ready-made and custom tailored programs for individuals, professionals, organizations, and corporations.

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