Shizu Yamaguchi

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I would describe myself as both a creative and a thinker. My heritage is Japanese and I am second-generation here in Canada. I identify as a woman and I also have a mental illness (Bipolar Disorder).

I graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology from the University of Toronto and have continued educating myself (and passionately so) in the fields of graphic design, user experience design, public speaking, improv, standup comedy and more recently, film & video production.

My work experience has spanned working with non-profits (St. Stephen's Employment & Training Centre), teaching English to students in Japan as well as Bilingual sales for technology-based organizations (more recently for Cisco Systems).

As a self-confessed "jack of all trades," I have delighted in exploring many different domains of work and life but have long desired to integrate my interests into a singular pursuit. Thus was borne Speaking Relief, an entrepreneurial venture integrating five years of public speaking training and my love of education and teaching. I value connection, kindness, diversity and adventure and would like these values to radiate through everything I do with this socially innovative company.

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