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Powering a sustainable economy Canadians benefit from affordable and reliable power, delivered through an electricity grid that links generating stations to homes and businesses. While the grid has expanded and become more complex to meet the needs of a growing population, this critical infrastructure is aging, under stress and in need of modernization. Fortunately, a transformation is underway across Canada in how energy is generated, distributed and consumed. While the grid connecting Canadians to their electricity is getting smarter, there is still much work to do to build a modern and reliable system that powers a sustainable, low-carbon economy. Helping drive this transformation forward is SmartGrid Canada. SmartGrid Canada SmartGrid Canada is a national association of public and private organizations including utilities, vendors, technology and service providers, academics and other industry leaders. Together, the members of SmartGrid Canada are united by a passion and dedication to building a more innovative, reliable and cost-effective electricity delivery system for the benefit of all Canadians. A system where the power they receive comes from diverse, renewable resources, and a system where people have the ability to make smarter choices about how they use and conserve that power – a system that lays the foundation for our 21st century economy.

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