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When digital output is just not enough and a particular solution must be found using the widest array of print possibilities available - and there are more options every day, I - Deborah Barnett of Someone Editions can advise on best options and most exciting alternatives to produce unique and spectacular, predictable outcomes, fitting client and partner goals, timing and budget. I have a complete working print shop and design studio, MAC computers a limited edition press and equipment for hand setting lead and wood type. Also, as a designer and creative director, I am equipped with the means and knowledge to solve unique problems on paper and other substrates; I have tons of expertise orchestrating original, artistic and effective 2- and 3-d reproductions. I produce fine and specialty print myself, and work with myriad partners in the reproduction industry, with whom I have solved complex print production projects, books, broadsides and ephemera for more than a decade.

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