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Projekt.io exists to democratize prime advertising space so that the message of local and independent businesses can reach the masses. The very traditional industry of display media is monopolized by 4 companies that provide very little value to advertisers, and even less value to the general population that makes up their target audience. In essence, these 4 companies necessitate their existence, and therefore their hefty fees, by brokering relationships with building or real estate owners, as well as erecting billboards. Once these monuments are in place, there is nothing else left to do, and these 4 companies further entrench themselves in the oligopoly that is display media. As a result of these exorbitant fees, access to prime advertising space is now only the realm large, multi-national corporations with multi-million dollar advertising budgets. For instance, an advertising campaign near Eaton's Center in downtown Toronto will cost over $600,000 per month. Since the sunk cost of printing large format advertising also exceeds $60,000, seldom do advertisers choose to advertise for less than 3 – 6 months at a minimum. The total, $2M - $4M, puts advertising out of the reach of even the most successful local businesses and franchises, let alone up and coming, homegrown startups.

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