Studentcare is an organization built on the principles of innovation, progress, student leadership, and engagement. Frustrated by the design, inefficient service options, and lack of accountability from providers encountered when seeking insurance options for his fellow students at McGill University, Lev Bukhman set out to change the face of student health care in Canada while a law student at Western University. We have single-handedly revolutionized student health insurance in Canada, serving over 700,000 students across the country and working with more than 70 student associations to provide their members with affordable, equitable, and accessible health care options. Though we are always growing, we remain committed to our student startup roots: 60% of our staff are students or recent graduates with ties to the campuses we serve. We also support over 60 student-led initiatives at our partner institutions and are continually giving back to the post-secondary community through our grant programs. We provide a full suite of coverage: health, pharmaceuticals, dental, vision, and travel for domestic and international students. We also operate and continue to develop a national proprietary system of Health-Care Provider Networks: groups of health-care specialists who offer students discounts to make health care more accessible. We are an organization of dedicated self-starters looking to push boundaries and shape the future of student health care.

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