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Susan Green

Mitzvah Technique: Postural Reeducation

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Ongoing daily and work activities can cause debilitating problems resulting in costly time off work. This means educating yourself so you don’t get pain now or in the future.

The Mitzvah Technique teaches people how to effectively correct their own postural alignment during sitting, standing and walking. It uniquely works through direct practical application of your new posture during all of your activities.

Learn comfortable alternatives to slouching and stiff body positioning while working at the computer. Experience how to release tension/stress while moving about your work space. Reconnect to your bodies instinctive need for constant movement and position change.

When people practice the Mitzvah Technique, they physically open up in a relaxed way to experience a sense of well being. This encourages positive social interactions, supports group morale and solves a variety of musculoskeletal issues and aches and pains.

I want to share this self care tool on a global scale and with the community.

I am developing a wooden chair that supports relaxed slouch free posture.

Susan Green B.Sc., Certified Teacher of the Mitzvah Technique, has been teaching the Mitzvah Technique for 25 years. She gives presentation/demonstrations, workshops, classes and individual sessions in a variety of settings. Susan is authorized to train Mitzvah Technique Teachers. 

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