Sustainable Sauga

It's time for a more sustainable Mississauga - for everyone.

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The past few decades of incredible growth and wealth which have allowed cities like Mississauga to grow at such a meteoric (and now understood to be unsustainable) pace are now coming to an end. Most will agree our systems, policies, and even public opinion have not kept pace with the environmental and economic challenges before us. In my city, with my interests, skills, and network, I plan on facing these issues head-on, by creating an online resource hub as well as a number of local programs, phased-in over time. "Sustainable Mississauga" is my vision for an organization which works to build a more collaborative community, focusing on issues of waste, housing, transit, infrastructure (built and natural), climate change. In the first year of this project I will be developing an online resource hub covering the issues raised above, developing a pilot project to address food waste, consulting with community groups on their perspective (areas to focus on, volunteer, and get involved), as well as creating a ranking system to see where our city, residents, and politicians stand today, on these issues. Ultimately, the goal of this organization is to make Mississauga a city which is green, affordable, and accountable to its residents, setting a standard of best practices for the rest of the country, and challenging our neighbours to face the economic and environmental realities of our time.

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