Twenty years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, a condition with pain and fatigue 24 hours a day.  I bring my own miracle of healing to my patients.  But it was no miracle at all. I simply changed how I ate, how I thought and how I lived.  And from this experience I have been profoundly dedicated and passionate about food as medicine.  My patients have shown me again and again that my healing was not fortune, it was a true testament to the power of the fundamentals.  I welcome you to help me guide you to becoming a more balanced, energetic and vibrant you.  Welcome to your journey!

Since that time I have realised that my impact must go beyond the doctor patient relationship to become involved in food politics. Our health depends on access to sustainable foods and a clean environment. To this end I have become an advocate for animal rights, GMO-free foods, truthful food labeling and more.

I've recenlty authored a 360 page book "The Confident Food Shopper" to help people advocate for their own health through awareness and knowlege. I'm excited to launch this book and start spreading the word about important food-related issues that affect our health, animals, the environement and the earth.

I'm looking foward to meeting like-minded people at CSI!  

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