The Happiness Enhancement Group

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The mission of The Happiness Enhancement Group is to build a sustainable business that promotes and increases happiness in individuals, couples, families, organizations, schools, communities, and via local, state or provincial, and federal governments through the applied use of positive psychology. The science tells us that the most effective way to increase happiness in countries with average wealth above a $10,000 per year threshold is through development of the knowledge and skills of happiness. In developed nations The Happiness Enhancement Group focuses on creating and implementing professional applied psychological services, education, and training to targeted groups—primarily through The Applied Positive Psychology Program (versions of the program are tailored for individuals, organizations, and mental health professionals). In developing nations who are below this threshold, happiness is most easily and significantly increased through profitable, sustainable, and equitable economic investment. The intention of The Happiness Enhancement Group is to intelligently invest a portion of proceeds sustained by increasing happiness in developed nations into economic development in African nations. The emphasis will be on business investment that can sustain a profit while also increasing the quality of life of workers, consumers, and the community at large.

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