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The Impact Group consists of two firms: Research Impacts Inc., a consulting firm specializing in science, technology and innovation policy, communications and education; and Research Money Inc., publisher of the newsletter, RE$EARCH MONEY, Canada’s leading source of intelligence on science, technology and innovation funding and investment. Subscribers include policy makers and program managers in innovation, economic development and research support from three levels of government; innovation leaders from universities and colleges; research organizations; innovation intermediaries (incubators, accelerators); VCs, angel investors, industry associations and industry. We run a national conference on issues of concern to the innovation community, bringing together leaders from the startup community, established industry, investment, academia and government. We also hold regional conferences in other parts of the country. Our consulting practice focuses on helping clients in government, academia and industry understand the challenges facing Canadians in improving Canada’s performance in the knowledge-based economy and developing strategies to do better. We also specialize in motivating youth to pursue science, technology, engineering and math higher education and careers.

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