The Sunshine Bliss mission is “To Empower people to Love and Accept themselves.” The vision consists of creating a viable alternative to the mental health system, assisting people who are awakening, community building, and supporting those providing divine service. Sunshine Bliss encompasses the core values of connection, community, compassion, acceptance, and sharing. Sunshine Bliss was created as a Social Unification Project focused on Serving and Sharing. This unique concept embraces the monetary system along with the resource and gift based economies. When these aspects are bridged together this creates a self- sustainable and ever expanding organic flow of giving and receiving. The intention is to give back to the local communities, share resources, and connect with other people, groups, and organizations who share similar values and goals to come together and serve humanity. This leaves everyone in a win-win situation feeling fulfilled. Sunshine Bliss is here to serve those who are ready to step into their power and shift aspects of self that are keeping them stuck in the repetitive loop of fear and suffering. The intention is to assist people with understanding the awakening experience and provide the tools and resources to empower them along their journey. Through practical methods people will be guided and shown how to face and deal with their fears, emotions, trauma, triggers, and pain to transmute and shift unconscious programming, patterning, and belief systems.

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