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Toronto Community Media Network/Independent Community Television - A Multimedia Hub and Community TV Station Toronto Community Media Network (TCMN) with its flagship Independent Community Television (ICTV) - A Multimedia Hub Network and Community TV Station - is a media organization, launching an initiative to provide Torontonians a platform strategy to tell their unique stories, showcase creativity, experiment, learn and inspire one another with media, accessible to all. The goal of Toronto Community Media Network (TCMN) is to develop a network of media hubs -Internet, Radio, Print, Television- where Torontonians can produce and contribute content that reflects the cultural diversity that makes Toronto a world-class city. TCMN aims to amplify the voices of all Torontonians – citizens, newcomers, distinct community members, indigenous people, artists, musicians, ordinary working citizens, students, seniors, people with disabilities, LGBTTI2QQ, downtowners, suburbanites – the priorities, passions and stories of our 7 million fellow community members. The Mission of TCMN/ICTV Toronto is: To establish a community, free-to-air TV channel, and multimedia hub To establish a web portal uniting existing community newspaper, audio and video platforms To establish a network of media studios where Torontonians can learn and produce multimedia content To provide a commercial-free, secular and fully accessible TV station and multimedia hub As a Community Organization, TCMN/ICTV Toronto can be beneficial as: A television platform to showcase original community content A radio platform to extend the reach of audio programming An online presence for text/still image output or rebroadcast Media training, equipment access and full production support If you are willing to write a letter to support Toronto Community Media Network/Independent Community Television Toronto’s application to the CRTC for a community TV licence, or see the financial advantage of membership to access equipment and services, see synergies, or are willing to contribute community content, And Importantly! see the necessity for a true community access cable station - Let’s connect to discuss your organizations particular needs!

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