THINX solves a taboo issue faced by 2 billion women and girls around the world. We've done this two ways. One, is thru a patent-pending line of beautiful leak and stain-resistant underwear that thinks of women and girls every day of the month, even when they're not thinking. It's the smartest underwear in your drawer. Second, in the developing world, girls don't have access to even basic pads, using instead unimaginable things such as leaves, plastic bags and old rags. As a result, they are missing up to a week of school every single month just because of their monthly cycle, which leads them to fall behind and then drop out entirely. To address this, we partnered with AFRIpads in Uganda who makes washable, reusable pads. For every pair of THINX purchased, we fund 7 pads. And this isn't a welfare model, but an empowerment model, because we make the pads more affordable for purchase while also creating local jobs for women.

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