Tiffany Nyklickova

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My first few years after I graduated from university I worked with a for-profit company. It was clear that industry was not for me. It has been twelve years since I joined the nonprofit sector, and I continuously grow more passionate for civil society. After about five years I started questioning why there were so many people working for social good, yet still so much social need. One of the gaping holes in our industry is between the work that needs to be done and the amount of time nonprofit professionals have to do it in. In 2009, I founded Services in Action, an information centre for for nonprofits. The goal of Services in Action is to provide information, tools, and resources to help nonprofit professionals serve their community. We help turn ideas into goals, build partnerships, and solve problems. Our next big project is to launch the Service Search and Review -a Yelp for nonprofit professionals curious about third party suppliers, vendors, and consultants. I'm excited! I recently completed graduate school earning a Master's of Information, my specialty is finding, managing, and presenting information.

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