Tihana Deanovic

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Hello, my name is Tihana Deanovic, I run an inclusive health and wellness practice in downtown Toronto that acknowledges the value and importance of every person seeking healing and personal development.

What I do is guide people to find their fullest potential through healing, embracing and integrating both their human and spiritual self. And I do this by making therapy, nutrition, and spirituality (of all shapes and forms) accessible to all who need it! And not just in times of crisis but when we are also seeking a deeper connection within ourselves and others.

My practice is called Spiritlicious where therapy meets spirituality for a mind, body, spirit approach to healing and personal development. I offer 6 professional practices of which I am trained and educated in each -- this allows me to provide people with over +108 customizable session types, a truly unique one-stop-practitioner shop for The Whole You.

My qualifications include being a registered psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, certified nutritionist, certified meditation and mindfulness teacher, trained in past life therapy by the one and only psychiatrist and author of Many Lives Many Masters Dr. Brian Weiss, And a reiki master practitioner! I use these practices in various ways to support and propel my clients in reaching new levels with their healing journey.

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