The Collective [“tiwala” = “trust” in native language of huge, initial client base] are novel/unique Dealing-with-Government / Poverty reduction / Financial Empowerment Champions for most disadvantaged / vulnerable / racialised "New Type of Newcomers - Asynchronous Immigration"(tm), predominately women. The latter are new demographics for Canada, so its decades old and obsolete 'System' designed in pre-'Globalization' era is unable to handle and process novel situation on the ground. These new demographics (and predominately women) have been systematically excluded from their otherwise eligible and entitled to monetary and financial rights vis-à-vis government services & programs, and financial industry in large too, to the $100'sM+ magnitude. Our high-end expertise and capability uncovered serious systemic faults arising from a plethora of sources as varied as system errors & obsolescence, human error, inconsistent information and unhelpful behaviour out of unaccountability, non-transparency, red tape. We are succeeding in retroactively rectifying them and then reforming/improving the culprits, in a novel and unique ways. Through highly complex, convoluted, advanced, but highly stressful interventions, TIWALA is making grass-roots and radical change for its clients that allow and empower them to continue investing in themselves, their families and their communities.

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