With over 15 years experience working as a teacher in the education system, an Honors B.A. in Psychology, a Bachelor’s in Education and a background in fine art, I have always been interested in systems, well-being, creative problem solving and sustainability.

In 2014, I shifted my focus from working in the elementary education sector with YRDSB to organizing. I bridge my teaching experience, passion for well-being and drive for environmental sustainability and community into my organizational work.

For me, organizing is more than labeling and creating efficient spaces -- it's about coaching individuals to become more aware of their relationship to their belongings and realize how this relationship affects their life. I also teach individuals with simple strategies and skills needed to shift past habits.

My dream is to empower and help individuals, communities and organizations to gain focus and clarity so they can live more purposefully and sustainably. By directly donating to local organizations, I hope to build strong community relationships between TSS, clients, and organizations to pave the way for larger social impact.

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