The TruePoint Center partners with leading public and civic agencies to advance innovation and learning in confronting complex social challenges, domestically and internationally. We provide research, evaluation, strategy and consulting services to accelerate the search for better outcomes, often in the context of initiatives with a combination of public, private and civic sector participation. The TruePoint Center was founded in 2007 in the belief that such initiatives have a unique opportunity to achieve social impact, and that doing so requires a solid strategy, engaged and committed stakeholders, and the ability to execute and learn. Through our relationship with TruePoint (our “sister” mission-driven consulting firm in the for-profit space), we are able to identify and disseminate proven practices while serving leaders seeking social impact. We have been deeply involved in advancing the field of early childhood development and in prototyping and developing approaches to innovation, adoption, and scaling of high-impact interventions in this space. Key collaborations include The Harvard Center on the Developing Child and the Frontiers of Innovation Initiative, Grand Challenges Canada Saving Brains initiative, and The Palix Foundation and the Alberta Family Wellness Initiative. Our work includes development and implementation of scaling impact strategies for science-based early childhood interventions, and support for an international development learning platform.

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