Valentina Cioccari

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Born and raised in the province of Rome, I spent my twenties studying languages and travelling in Northern and Southern Europe, engaging in many and varied cultural experiences. Studying Languages, Literature and Culture at university in Rome, I discovered my passion for the many ways cultural norms, expectations and context affect the way we use a language. I continued exploring the relationship between foreign language proficiency and the use of audiovisual media during my studies in London, UK, where I earned a Master of Arts in Audiovisual Translation. In London, I worked as a translator and subtitle editor from English into Italian, observing the cultural differences between the American, English and Italian languages. Having to navigate my way around cultural differences in order to render meaning into conversations enriched me as a foreign language learner and as a perspective teacher. With a desire for continued exploration, I pursued my love for language and film to Toronto in 2008. Here, I continued my career in translating Oscar-winning films and television series into Italian, while pursuing my interest in teaching Italian. In the past ten years, I have taught and developed curricula for private language schools and schools of continuing education as well as for multinational companies. Bolstered by my studies in Adult Learning and Curriculum Development I founded ScuolaScuola, a ‘blended learning’ school that offers its students a personalized learning experience combining face-to-face instruction with online study, respecting individual learning styles and personal pace.

Our approach
At ScuolaScuola, learning and doing go hand in hand: you will learn Italian by performing real-life, communicative tasks, just as if you were visiting or living in Italy. Instead of simply learning Italian, you will learn how to do things in Italian. We will teach you how to use Italian so you can perform the activities that you want to perform, whether it is buying a train ticket, talking to a relative, ordering food in a restaurant, or doing some fine Made in Italy shopping. You will learn how to communicate in Italian. You will be presented with a variety of real-life, meaningful situations and materials, and you will learn how to get your message across.

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