At Write City we foster and develop the type of intellectual skills that prepare future leaders for the unique challenges of a rapidly evolving, globalized world. Our small group of MA and PhD writing specialists work in dynamic mentoring relationships with students to build an exceptional degree of literacy and a strong faculty for critical thinking. The unique pairing of professional writing specialists with developing learners forms a powerful learning exchange. We begin with a carefully-crafted 10-week learning plan based on the student’s performance on our Assessment Quiz and then based on the results create individually tailored, skill-focused worksheet. It’s our worksheets that set us apart. We design one-on-one sessions to compliment our student’s strengths, learning styles, and passions and empower them to find delight and satisfaction in their learning journey. One of our key goals is for students to develop the ability to critically evaluate vast seas of information. We foster healthy relationships between students, specialists, parents and teachers (with Progress Reports and frequent conversation along the way). In response to student need, our programs are designed to teach students not necessarily what to learn, but how many ways there are to think, understand, express, and evaluate themselves as individuals. We provide our students with an understanding of how we can engage critically with our world – and even shape it.

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