Youth Empowering Parents has created a model that works efficiently and is easily replicated. It pairs adults with volunteer youth who speak the same language, and then trains youth to deliver one-on-one tutoring to that adult in English and computer skills. The goal is to empower youth to become leaders within their own community, and to provide adults with private tutoring education at no cost. We help to provide youth with a sense of ownership over their volunteerism, creating an environment where individuals volunteer because they want to, not because they need to. At YEP, youth will: -develop as leaders -gain positive role models -gain a meaningful volunteer experience The YEP program acts as a catalyst for adults in community engagement and at the same time, helps to empower them with the basics in English and computer skills so that they can function more independently. At YEP, adults will: -learn in their own native language -at their own pace -at times that are convenient YEP is one of only 20 organizations around the world to receive the United Nations' Innovation Award.

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