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Hot Desk Bundle

Meet Face to Face at a regular home base, without a dedicated office space

Your team loves to work from home, but maybe they miss the connection and community of the office? You love being free of a long-term office lease, but still need a home base where you can get mail, and bring everyone together without facing new logistical planning every time.

Get a Hot Desk bundle. Bring everyone in one day a week and kick off your projects, collect your mail, and drink some hot organic coffee on a vintage couch and make new connections.

Hot Desks are the best way to immerse yourself in the social innovation ecosystem! A Hot Desk bundle gives you and your team access to our fantastic spaces. It also gives you the opportunity to join a tight-knit community, to build your skills, and to connect with a national network of leaders, innovators, and collaborators.

For as little as $550/month, you and three other teammates can make CSI your home base and get all the perks of being a CSI Member. Drop in one day a week to work, meet in a proper meeting room, and take advantage of our networks, events, and people!

Whether you’re a new founder or a systems changer, you can’t beat the advantages of in-person collaboration. 

Bring a friend! With our Lounge Pass, your guest can accompany you to work in our member-only lounges. And don’t forget – Members get 50% off Lounge Passes!

Tonya Surman with CSI New York Team

“As a small, scrappy startup, we’ve had our share of ups and downs. What has remained consistent since we’ve joined CSI is the support we get from the community.”

— Awake Labs, CSI Member with a Hot Desk

Is a hot desk Bundle right for me?

You just can’t beat the benefits of in person collaboration with your team – and a Hot Desk Bundle provides the ultimate flexibility for hybrid work for your team. Plus, you never know what — or who — might help you find your next customer, advisor, or investor. Working in a space with hundreds of other social ventures, non-profit organizations, artists, and entrepreneurs is the best way to build your network and make these connections!

I'm Interested!


HOT DESK BUNDLE ($550/mo.)

Package Includes:

  • Four Hot Desk 1 packages. That’s workspace for four people, one day a week.
  • 120 Meeting Room Coins (thats enough for a one hour meeting, once a week) 
  • 50% discount on additional meeting room hours 
  • $20 Lounge Passes if extra days are required 
  • Mailbox included

Get the best coworkers ever

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